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Desert Theatricals Foundation, Inc.

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The specific purpose of the corporation is to promote the theatre arts to the youth of the Coachella Valley and Greater Inland Empire through free  training (classes and live musical theatre productions), free tickets for participating students and chaperone to theatrical events and scholarship funds to those interested in pursuing a degree or continuing education.

Board Members

Mia Mercado (President), Lee Stone, Michael Hamlin, Charles Townsend, Christian Fonte, Ray Limon, Joshua Carr

Desert Theatricals Foundation, Inc is focused on youth.  We are convinced that exposing young people to the theatre arts - be it through training, opportunities to perform in youth theatre or with professionals in adult theatre productions in age-appropriate roles - is the best training they can receive.  As well as awarding scholarships to continued education n the arts to our participating youth members, we provide free tickets to live theatre productions as a way to spark interest.  All programs are 100% FREE to the participating young actors through the generous contribution of people like you who make a difference - dollar by dollar.  With your support we can continue to offer free tickets to local youth organizations and produce top notch, professional quality theatre by underwriting productions costs to offset costumes, sets and props expenses.

Your contribution is vital to maintaining the program.

Our Students

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